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2015, University of Geneva


Harmony with governing dynamics produces sustainability. Uncovering them, designing and implementing consistent strategies drive me.



2010, University Panthéon-Assas Paris 2


I used to work as an HR and Administration Manager at the SGS Mongolia affiliate, which had business portfolios of geochemical testing laboratory and system certification. As it is a small affiliate, my role required involvement in the annual renewal of Accreditation process, update of quality manual etc which gave me first understanding and knowledge about the Standards. I fell in love with it as I strongly believe Standards totally add value in terms of global competitiveness, sustainable development in mid and longterm. Thus both private and government should emphasize and strengthen its application. I was delighted to discover the Master program, as it is exactly what I was looking for to built a solid ground and platform to develop myself as a professional in the Standards and Standardization in context of International development.

Soumaya Baddour

2016, Swiss Federal Institut of Technology Lausanne


I graduated in February 2016 from the "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne" (EPFL) as a civil engineer with a management specialization option in my Master’s project. Throughout my academic journey, I've had the chance to work on many projects that address the environmental issues and sustainability. One of them was about rural electrification in developing countries, which introduced me to the complexity of the correlations between the energy sector, public governance and the socio-economic development. As an engineer, aspiring for a career in an international organization, I look forward to complementing my technical background with a deeper understanding of the social and economic aspects of today’s environmental questions.



2011, Darthmouth College

Hong Kong

I have always been intrigued by the interaction between the natural environment and humanity. Climate change and the need to adapt prompted me to pursue a double major in Environmental Studies and Economics at Dartmouth College. After graduation, I worked as a grains commodity trader in the U.S. and China, which definitely opened my eyes to the world. After 4 years, I realized my career then was not my passion, so Ieft for Geneva to be with my fiancé. I worked in a social network/education startup and in an international NGO, while I was doing some soul-searching. I want to devote my time to helping the world develop more sustainably, hence why I join this master program. I am especially interested in changing people's current way of consumption, and I found the sharing economy a promising solution. At the same time, I am also concerned about the issue of climate justice and adaptation, as different countries bear the cost of global warming differently. The next wave of human migration will likely be that of environmental refugees and I would love to explore how the world can prepare for that.

Chiara Kirsten


2013, De La Salle University


I graduated from De La Salle University - Philippines in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. After graduation, I decided to study French in Geneva and had the opportunity to volunteer in an international organization. Being part of the entrepreneurship division of this organization, I thought that my knowledge regarding entrepreneurship is enough. However, I was wrong to think that way since the team is focused on tackling issues regarding sustainable development. This being the case, I thought that I should learn more about sustainable development and other issues. And then, I stumbled upon the Masters in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development offered by University of Geneva and I believe that it’s the perfect course that I was looking for, not only does this master cover sustainable development, it also offers a diverse selection of courses that will help me in my future endeavors.


De Oliveira Vilaca

2016, Haute Ecole de Gestiton Geneva


With a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, I'm looking to further my academical training in the field of Sustainable development. International current affairs were always something whose I have a particular interest. It is then, during my years into the Business Administration School of Geneva (HEG), I had the opportunity to follow several courses related to globalization, international norms and organization governance. This academical courses finally compel me to get involve on these current affairs and confirm where my future carrier should be. Today, I have chosen this Master to provide me the overriding tools and solid knowledge to overtake all the issues we are facing today.



2017, University of Neuchâtel


I just graduated from the university of Neuchâtel in Geography and Information and Communication sciences. During my studies, I learned about the challenges global governance is facing today on an economic, social and environmental front. I enrolled in this Master as I am convinced it will give me a science-based understanding of these issues, and provide me with the necessary tools to act and hopefully innovate in the field of sustainability. I chose this Master because its three pillars are a great source of interest and motivation on a personal and academic level. Moreover, I am also thrilled to be studying in an international environment and I am certain that it will be a great human experience for me.


2016, University of Geneva


I graduated in February 2016 from the University of Geneva with a Bachelor in Sociology. My internships in non-profit organizations which focus on gender issues, reinforce my beliefs that removing gender discrimination is a fundamental aspect for a sustainable society. The multi-faceted approaches of the Master in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development are, for me, one of the most valuable aspects of this degree. I wish to acquire new tools to promote gender equality within and among organizations.



2016, University of Geneva
Switzerland, Morocco

In June 2016, I graduated from the University of Geneva with a B.A. in Socio-economics. During my studies, I had the opportunity to work in Aviation Security and Marketing, which allowed me to gain some professional experience. In these sectors, Standards and Sustainable Development are becoming more and more important. By offering theoretical and practical knowledge on these subjects, but not only, this Master was an evidence for me. In the future, I would like to work in security, aviation or education and to develop sustainable projects at national or international level.


Campos Ferrarese

2007, Universitad Autonoma de Barcelona

Brazil, Italy

In a World where the natural resources scarcity daily increases and the levels of pollution are incredibly high, I feel the lively desire to improve my knowledge in standards for sustainability(environmental protection) and so being able to connect it to my International Trade background. I like the concept of Circular Economy and I believe in an Eco-standard for the International Trade System, totally based in this concept. I am Economist specialized in International Trade, with more than 10 years experience on purchase and sales processes over several companies.



2014, University of California Davis

United States

Je m'appelle Ryan Fong. I graduated in 2014 from the University of California, Davis with B.A. degrees in History and Philosophy. I'm from Sacramento, the capital city of the golden state of California. The Master's in Standardization, Social Regulation, and Sustainable Development offers students insights into themes of political economy, the value of international standards towards creating participatory governance, and how sustainability might be integrated into policy and business practice. UNIGE's proximity to the heart of international organizations and governance offers some rare educational perspectives, and the city of Geneva itself is both charming and unique, so I consider myself quite lucky to be here.



2016, Helsingin Yliopisto Helsinki


For the last 10 years I have been working with asylum investigation and other immigration related issues for the Finnish Government. I have a B.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki. My major was sociology with a focus on ethnic relations and multiculturalism. In the future I would like to participate in the development of long-term solutions and therefore I wanted to complete my experience with this Master. Through the studies I expect to obtain a deeper understanding of globalization and the dependence relations within it.

George Ghikas 1998, University College London UK, Greece After graduating with a degree in Anthropology, I landed a job in an immigration law firm as a clerk. This paved the way for me to join the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2003, for whom I have worked for in several countries around the world. In the last four years working here in HQ, Geneva, a shift in thinking has evolved allowing for closer partnerships with development actors. The nexus between humanitarianism and development, bringing in related notions, such as sustainability, resilience, solutions, corporate social responsibility (among others), will require a more in depth academic knowledge of the three disciplines this masters combines in order to ensure effective implementation. Thus, I trust this Master’s will equip me with the foundations to develop these skills.

Jesse Giavina
2016, University of Lausanne United States, Switzerland After a year spent in Spain as an Erasmus student, I graduated in Environmental sciences at the University of Lausanne. Wanting to obtain some practical experience, I worked at the photovoltaic laboratory of the EPFL of Neuchâtel and later on as a science and math teacher. Through that experience, I realized that my studies brought me the capacity of understanding the functioning of ecosystems and measuring the pressure that human societies have upon them. But, I wanted to learn the mechanisms that could help decrease that pressure and create a more sustainable society. I strongly believe that the master in Standardization will lead me on this path.

Aurore Gonce 2016, University of Lausanne Switzerland In 2016, I graduated from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland with a Bachelor of Sciences in Geosciences and Environment which gives me a background both in environmental sciences as well as in social sciences and economic geography. Beside that, I worked at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and in the Faculty of Geosciences and Envionment as research assistant as well as at the Swiss Expertise Center in Social Sciences on socioeconomic European studies. Those experiences added to my Bachelor thesis' fieldwork on Cuban agriculture enforced my wish to specialize in sustainable developement. Therefore, the Master program, which provides an interdisciplinary approach including standardization (linked to risk management for example) is in perfect accordance with my background as well as my interest in working in areas related to sustainable business practices, industrial relations, working conditions, related policies as well as corporates' social and environmental management strategies linked to international trade and global supply chains. In the perspective of my graduation in 2018, I have currently the chance to be involved as an intern in a project on purchaising practices and working conditions in global supply chains at the International Labour Organization. Coupled with motivation and personal assets, this study path enables a multidisciplinary understanding of today’s challenges.

Jonas Kühl 2015, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg Germany I've obtained my bachelor’s degree in Political Science and East Asian Studies from the University of Heidelberg in 2015. After living in China for almost three years in total, where among others I’ve interned with the „Sino-German Environmental Partnership“ for half a year, which is a project under the framework of the German Agency for International Cooperation, I became much more aware of the current environmental and social stress people still have to live with in some parts of the world. Since then I always wanted to work for more sustainable solutions to overcome or respectively improve such situations. I've finally chosen this master’s degree because I hope that it will equip me with a broad understanding of topics like consumption, environmental degregation or exploitation of labour and the impact of our capitalist system as well as the right tools to tackle these problems, including the importance of standards, reasonable policies and economic approaches.

Ruby Lambert 2013, Murdoch University, Perth Singapore A communicator by nature who is inspired by all things related to innovation for which I have developed through my experiences working for a tech firm as a digital business developer. While technology has been the catalyst for advancements and progress, I am particularly moved by sustainable-driven innovations in the likes of social innovation such as CSR, business, culture and change management to name a few, as I strongly feel that these are the key ingredients to gain today's competitive advantages leading us towards a sustainable tomorrow. Ultimately, the success of sustainable innovation constitutes its impact on many aspects socially and environmentally which is an important source for growth. Therefore, I am very convinced that this Master’s degree course will help me gain deeper knowledge and understanding about sustainable development, sociology, standard-settings and it’s entirety.

Katrina Leonard 2006, Fachhochschule Stralsund Poland I have been living in few countries in Europe, the longest in England for over 7 years where I acquired the most of my work experience, mainly in administration and hospitality. I did my Bachelor degree in Poland and it was about quality of goods. At the university we were learning about ISO and other topics related to the program Standardization.

Jasmin Lewis 2015, University of Sydney Australia After graduating from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2015 with a degree in Social Policy & Sociology, my interest in sustainability brought me to Geneva to pursue this Master and live in an international and multicultural environment. During my Bachelor I undertook a summer volunteering program in Rio de Janeiro related to social development, which influenced me to take internships at international organisations and companies alongside my studies in Geneva. The program’s combined focus on standardization has given me a sound knowledge of regulatory compliance for private companies which I have exercised in my public and private sector experiences. Being particularly interested in the use of standards for risk management, sustainability and in global supply chains, I wish to start my career path in the area of consultancy, supply chain management or CSR upon graduating in 2018.

Linda Edel Matole 2015, University of Nairobi Kenya I graduated from the University of Nairobi in December 2015 with a degree in International Studies having majored in International Security issues. I have worked as an Intern with various Institutions such as the Ministry of East African affairs, an NGO called Undugu Society of Kenya and most recently worked as a Volunteer for the Catholic Youth Network on Environmental Sustainability. My main interests are providing sustainable development solutions to people living in the rural areas, eradicating aid that does not offer long term solutions to the minorities. Studying Standardization, Social Regulations and Sustainable Development would assist me to learn how to implement my ideas when it comes to sustainable development.

Audrey-Anne Paquin 2013, New York University Canada
From Québec, Canada. Graduated from McGill (Sociology & Pol. Sc) and NYU (MA in Philanthropy). I have observed an alarming low level of professionalism and effectiveness in public and private initiatives (for development). I believe that better designed approaches should be developed in the field of corporate sustainability projects. I want to bring this expertise to international corporations and help them limit the negative socio-economic and environmental impact the create.

Paulina Pochrebiennik 2016, SWPS Warsaw Poland

Noémi Schall 2016, University of Geneva Switzerland I graduated in 2016 from the University of Geneva with a BA in international relations (major:economis; minor: international law) and so my interest for sustainability began to grow, especially as I was doing my bachelor's research project on environmental economics, I got to learn the different elements and dimensions of sustainability and how interdependent they are and so further pursuing my studies in sustainability seemed like the right choice. I've chosen this Master program not only because it's interdisciplinary and covers a well rounded and comprehensive set of subjects on standardization, social regulation and sustainability but also on the emphasis put upon relevant real world problems and knowledge and encouragement to undergo a training/internship to apply it in a real setting. As of now, I am currently doing my internship in Barcelona with MCI, an events management company, as their sustainability coordinator and I believe after completing both the internship and the Masters I'll be ready to embark on a fulfilling career in sustainability.

Manuela Schmidt 2015, Zurich University of Applied Sciences Switzerland After studying Social Anthropology for one and a half years, I switched to the Zurich University of Applied Sciences to study Translation (current BA title: Applied Languages). Enthusiastic about languages and cultural diversity, I wished to deepen my communication skills in order to break cultural and linguistic barriers. After obtaining my degree, I worked as a language travel consultant for one and a half years; while I considered this opportunity to be a truly instructive experience, it also made me realise that I wished to continue my studies. Furthermore, different engagements as a volunteer in my second home country, Colombia, and within an asylum organisation in Zurich, raised my awareness on the conflicts our societies are facing nowadays. Inter alia, because of these personal experiences, I have become very interested in sustainable solutions for humanitarian and ecological crises and being part of the movement towards a more legitimate and inclusive development has become my biggest wish. I am therefore excited about this Master’s programme that hopefully will provide us students with tools and valuable expertise in order to become active in the field of sustainable development.

Nadine Seleem 2016, University of Geneva Egypt I graduated in 2016 from the University of Geneva with a BA in international relations (major:economis; minor: international law) and so my interest for sustainability began to grow, especially as I was doing my bachelor's research project on environmental economics, I got to learn the different elements and dimensions of sustainability and how interdependent they are and so further pursuing my studies in sustainability seemed like the right choice. I've chosen this Master program not only because it's interdisciplinary and covers a well rounded and comprehensive set of subjects on standardization, social regulation and sustainability but also on the emphasis put upon relevant real world problems and knowledge and encouragement to undergo a training/internship to apply it in a real setting. As of now, I am currently doing my internship in Barcelona with MCI, an events management company, as their sustainability coordinator and I believe after completing both the internship and the Masters I'll be ready to embark on a fulfilling career in sustainability.

Hannah Strandberg 2017, FHNW, Basel Finland My interest towards sustainable development arose during my previous studies of business management, and especially during the exchange semester in Brazil. I realized that business has an increasingly important role to play in development challenges and CSR. My goal is to complement my business background by acquiring a wider perspective and practical tools towards sustainable development issues. I am also looking forward to learn about ways how the business sector can support the achievement of sustainable development targets.

Tara Thomas 2011, University of California Berkeley United States I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2011 with a B.A. in History. After working for a few years after receiving my bachelor's degree and becoming fluent in French, I decided to enroll in this masters' program because of its interdisciplinary nature and connections to external organizations in Geneva. I am particularly interested in topics related to the intersection of sustainability and labor market regulation.