Frequently Asked Questions on Housing and Accommodation in Geneva

There are essentially four accommodation options in Geneva.

Individual apartment

By applying for one of the offers available on the websites of the real estate agencies in Geneva, it is possible to rent an apartment. However, since the real estate market is extremely tight in Geneva, it is complicated for a student to obtain an individual apartment. Three additional options are those most frequently used by students.

University housing

The University of Geneva offers some accommodation possibilities. Please note the latest date to apply for the University's housing for the autumn semester is the 15th of June. Please get in touch with the accommodation office of the University as soon as possible

Subletting and apartment-sharing

The sublease/sublet is a temporary provision of all or part of a home. The object of the sublease is a housing unit as a whole (studio apartment) or a room in an apartment.

The roommate lease, or colocation, involves a contract between 2 or more persons and a landlord. The term "colocation" means that the occupants are all signatories of the contract that binds the landlord and that they are liable in equal shares.

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